4 Tips to Help Teachers Develop PE Programs Students Love

As kids grow up, they start to embrace the urge to rebel. They stop showing interest in the year 6 PE lessons teachers show them. They instead engage in activities that offer them a sense of control. As a physical education teacher, you need extra teaching skills when handling teenage students. Your PE lessons must be extremely interesting if you are to win the attention of year 6 students. Here are 4 tips to make year 6 students love your PE lessons.

4. Plan

Create a physical education plan early enough. Planning helps you organize for the important lessons. A good PE program helps you set goals and targets for you and your students. It gives you a better idea of what to expect from your interaction with the students. This in turn helps you improve on all future engagements with students.

3. Understand Class Diversity

This skill will help you understand the diversity of your students. Kids are diverse in ability and skills. Understanding this fact can help you create year 6 PE lessons that every kid can enjoy. Also, understanding the reasons for your class’s diversity can help you tailor activities that will suit the need for every student.

2 Introduce age Friendly Activities

By the time kids are their sixth year of primary school education, they already have control over some aspects of their lives. They have interests and dislikes. They have specific interests that are different from those of earlier years. Tailor your year 6 PE lessons to suit your students’ interest at that age.

1. Motivate Them

The main reason for PE lessons is to make the students active. Motivate your students to participate in what you tell them. If your activities already suit their age, the kids will listen to you and enjoy your lessons.